Adam Update: Home Again

At the request of Adam, I’m letting you all know he was released from the hospital late Friday. Obviously, he was thankful not to have to spend the weekend in the hospital.

When I texted him Friday morning to see how he was doing I didn’t get his typical speedy reply. When I still hadn’t heard in an hour I called him. He said Stephen was pushing him in the wheelchair all around the hospital. Oh my! The poor nurses. :D

Adam has been overwhelmed with the well wishes and assured prayers he’s gotten from around the country. Again, I’m amazed at the recovery community and people whose faith is put to action.

As Lou said, he’ll have a long way to go still. Next weekend is the annual retreat. The one Adam missed last year because the accident happened the day before. Whether he can go this year or not remains in question. He has a Dr.’s appointment Monday and she’ll answer that question. Adam has reservation about going because he’ll be sidelined, unable to spike the volleyball or play on the 3-man basketball team. But I’ve assured him we’ll put him to work. We always need another loud voice to cheer on the team (and keep me from getting a technical on the volleyball court). Just having him there this year would be victory! Adam keeps us in prayer.

If you haven’t stopped by his new blog, please do. I know you’re words of encouragement will mean much to him. You can find it at this link.

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I serve in ministry alongside my husband. We are currently working in the recovery community as administrators of a residential program for men who have lost their way in life, many due to substance abuse issues. This program is called an Adult Rehabilitation Center under the direction of The Salvation Army. My husband and I are officers in this organization and as such, ordained ministers. I have two grown children and one delightful granddaughter. I'm also learning to deal with the effects of dementia as my mother is caught in the mire of this disease. I drink too much Pepsi and sing too loud in my car. I blog about my life. Life among people in recovery, life as a journeyer, life unexpected. My life has the typical messiness of the day to day and in the midst of the mess of me is grace. View all posts by Deborah Hudson

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